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#include <stdio.h>

#ifdef  __cplusplus
extern "C" {

#include "types.h"
#include "git.h"
#include "debug.h"

FILE *FCEUD_UTF8fopen(const char *fn, const char *mode);

/* This makes me feel dirty for some reason. */
void FCEU_printf(char *format, ...);
#define FCEUI_printf FCEU_printf

/* Video interface */
void FCEUD_SetPalette(uint8 index, uint8 r, uint8 g, uint8 b);
void FCEUD_GetPalette(uint8 i,uint8 *r, uint8 *g, uint8 *b);

/* Displays an error.  Can block or not. */
void FCEUD_PrintError(char *s);
void FCEUD_Message(char *s);

#ifdef NETWORK
/* Network interface */

/* Call only when a game is loaded. */
int FCEUI_NetplayStart(int nlocal, int divisor);

/* Call when network play needs to stop. */
void FCEUI_NetplayStop(void);


/* Return 0 on failure, 1 on success. */
int FCEUD_SendData(void *data, uint32 len);
int FCEUD_RecvData(void *data, uint32 len);

/* Display text received over the network. */
void FCEUD_NetplayText(uint8 *text);

/* Encode and send text over the network. */
void FCEUI_NetplayText(uint8 *text);

/* Called when a fatal error occurred and network play can't continue.  This function
   should call FCEUI_NetplayStop() after it has deinitialized the network on the driver
void FCEUD_NetworkClose(void);

int FCEUI_BeginWaveRecord(char *fn);
int FCEUI_EndWaveRecord(void);

void FCEUI_ResetNES(void);
void FCEUI_PowerNES(void);

void FCEUI_NTSCDEC(void);
void FCEUI_NTSCINC(void);
void FCEUI_GetNTSCTH(int *tint, int *hue);
void FCEUI_SetNTSCTH(int n, int tint, int hue);

void FCEUI_SetInput(int port, int type, void *ptr, int attrib);
void FCEUI_SetInputFC(int type, void *ptr, int attrib);
void FCEUI_DisableFourScore(int s);

#define SI_NONE         0
#define SI_GAMEPAD      1
#define SI_ZAPPER       2
#define SI_POWERPADA    3
#define SI_POWERPADB    4
#define SI_ARKANOID     5

#define SIFC_NONE 0
#define SIFC_ARKANOID   1
#define SIFC_SHADOW     2
#define SIFC_4PLAYER    3
#define SIFC_FKB  4
#define SIFC_MAHJONG    6
#define SIFC_QUIZKING   7
#define SIFC_OEKAKIDS   10
#define SIFC_BWORLD     11
#define SIFC_TOPRIDER   12

#define SIS_NONE  0
#define SIS_DATACH      1
#define SIS_NWC         2
#define SIS_NSF         4

/* New interface functions */

/* 0 to order screen snapshots numerically(0.png), 1 to order them file base-numerically(smb3-0.png). */
void FCEUI_SetSnapName(int a);

/* 0 to keep 8-sprites limitation, 1 to remove it */
void FCEUI_DisableSpriteLimitation(int a);

/* -1 = no change, 0 = show, 1 = hide, 2 = internal toggle */
void FCEUI_SetRenderDisable(int sprites, int bg);

/* name=path and file to load.  returns 0 on failure, 1 on success */
FCEUGI *FCEUI_LoadGame(const char *name);

/* allocates memory.  0 on failure, 1 on success. */
int FCEUI_Initialize(void);

/* Emulates a frame. */
void FCEUI_Emulate(uint8 **, int32 **, int32 *, int);

/* Closes currently loaded game */
void FCEUI_CloseGame(void);

/* Deallocates all allocated memory.  Call after FCEUI_Emulate() returns. */
void FCEUI_Kill(void);

/* Enable/Disable game genie. a=0 disable, a=1 enable */
void FCEUI_SetGameGenie(int a);

/* Set video system a=0 NTSC, a=1 PAL */
void FCEUI_SetVidSystem(int a);

/* Convenience function; returns currently emulated video system(0=NTSC, 1=PAL).  */
int FCEUI_GetCurrentVidSystem(int *slstart, int *slend);

/* Should be called from FCEUD_BlitScreen().  Specifies how many frames
   to skip until FCEUD_BlitScreen() is called.  FCEUD_BlitScreenDummy()
   will be called instead of FCEUD_BlitScreen() when when a frame is skipped.
void FCEUI_FrameSkip(int x);

/* First and last scanlines to render, for ntsc and pal emulation. */
void FCEUI_SetRenderedLines(int ntscf, int ntscl, int palf, int pall);

/* Sets the base directory(save states, snapshots, etc. are saved in directories
   below this directory. */
void FCEUI_SetBaseDirectory(char *dir);

/* Tells FCE Ultra to copy the palette data pointed to by pal and use it.
   Data pointed to by pal needs to be 64*3 bytes in length.
void FCEUI_SetPaletteArray(uint8 *pal);

/* Sets up sound code to render sound at the specified rate, in samples
   per second.  Only sample rates of 44100, 48000, and 96000 are currently
   If "Rate" equals 0, sound is disabled.
void FCEUI_Sound(int Rate);
void FCEUI_SetSoundVolume(uint32 volume);
void FCEUI_SetSoundQuality(int quality);

void FCEUI_SelectState(int);

/* "fname" overrides the default save state filename code if non-NULL. */
void FCEUI_SaveState(char *fname);
void FCEUI_LoadState(char *fname);

void FCEUI_SelectMovie(int);
void FCEUI_SaveMovie(char *fname);
void FCEUI_LoadMovie(char *fname);

int32 FCEUI_GetDesiredFPS(void);
void FCEUI_SaveSnapshot(void);
void FCEU_DispMessage(char *format, ...);
#define FCEUI_DispMessage FCEU_DispMessage

int FCEUI_DecodePAR(const char *code, uint16 *a, uint8 *v, int *c, int *type);
int FCEUI_DecodeGG(const char *str, uint16 *a, uint8 *v, int *c);
int FCEUI_AddCheat(const char *name, uint32 addr, uint8 val, int compare, int type);
int FCEUI_DelCheat(uint32 which);
int FCEUI_ToggleCheat(uint32 which);

int32 FCEUI_CheatSearchGetCount(void);
void FCEUI_CheatSearchGetRange(uint32 first, uint32 last, int (*callb)(uint32 a, uint8 last, uint8 current));
void FCEUI_CheatSearchGet(int (*callb)(uint32 a, uint8 last, uint8 current, void *data), void *data);
void FCEUI_CheatSearchBegin(void);
void FCEUI_CheatSearchEnd(int type, uint8 v1, uint8 v2);
void FCEUI_ListCheats(int (*callb)(char *name, uint32 a, uint8 v, int compare, int s, int type, void *data), void *data);

int FCEUI_GetCheat(uint32 which, char **name, uint32 *a, uint8 *v, int *compare, int *s, int *type);
int FCEUI_SetCheat(uint32 which, const char *name, int32 a, int32 v, int compare,int s, int type);

void FCEUI_CheatSearchShowExcluded(void);
void FCEUI_CheatSearchSetCurrentAsOriginal(void);

#define FCEUIOD_STATE   0
#define FCEUIOD_SNAPS   1
#define FCEUIOD_NV      2
#define FCEUIOD_MISC    4
#define FCEUIOD_MOVIE   5

#define FCEUIOD__COUNT  6

void FCEUI_SetDirOverride(int which, char *n);

void FCEUI_MemDump(uint16 a, int32 len, void (*callb)(uint16 a, uint8 v));
uint8 FCEUI_MemSafePeek(uint16 A);
void FCEUI_MemPoke(uint16 a, uint8 v, int hl);
void FCEUI_NMI(void);
void FCEUI_IRQ(void);
uint16 FCEUI_Disassemble(void *XA, uint16 a, char *stringo);
void FCEUI_GetIVectors(uint16 *reset, uint16 *irq, uint16 *nmi);

uint32 FCEUI_CRC32(uint32 crc, uint8 *buf, uint32 len);

void FCEUI_ToggleTileView(void);
void FCEUI_SetLowPass(int q);

void FCEUI_NSFSetVis(int mode);
int FCEUI_NSFChange(int amount);
int FCEUI_NSFGetInfo(uint8 *name, uint8 *artist, uint8 *copyright, int maxlen);

void FCEUI_VSUniToggleDIPView(void);
void FCEUI_VSUniToggleDIP(int w);
uint8 FCEUI_VSUniGetDIPs(void);
void FCEUI_VSUniSetDIP(int w, int state);
void FCEUI_VSUniCoin(void);

int FCEUI_FDSInsert(int oride);
int FCEUI_FDSEject(void);
void FCEUI_FDSSelect(void);

int FCEUI_DatachSet(const uint8 *rcode);

#ifdef  __cplusplus

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